John H. Beatty & Associates, Inc​​.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you attorneys or accountants?

No. We are operations consutants. We work with attorneys, accountants and construction companies.

Do you do BRE processing?

No. You need to go through SRP or a title company.While John H. Beatty & Associates consults on those submittals, our focus is on the Operational Plan and resulting Operating Budget. We are however in position to put you in touch with other consultants that you will need in order to gain your approvals from the Department of Real Estate. We work closely with the top attorneys, civil engineers/surveyors, title companies/SRP's in the industry and can assist you in assembling your team.

Are you a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI)?

Yes. John H. Beatty & Associates has been a member of CAI since 1996.